The employer could argue that it is more proportionate to treat this as one breach, resulting in a reduced fine.

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This does not include a person who is a director in name only. Do employers have a duty of care over workplace pensions? This is primarily for communication with the Regulator. Please click here to view the full registration checklist. Platinum can help provide some of the information you will need. Do I need to have a pension scheme in place at the staging date? Declaration, or Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. If you re declaration of compliance. Sticking Plaster Or Longer Term Solution? Tell us how can we improve this article? Here are seven tips to keep in mind. Who Must the Employer Include in the Scheme? What are qualifying pensionable earnings? ESG investing is moving into the mainstream. What does running payroll in the UK entail? Would You Prefer Hanging Or Firing Squad? How do I prepare for automatic enrolment? The optional exceptions are as follows. If there re declaration of compliance? Expert help for your enquiries and research. Are you happy to accept these cookies? We can help you to manage the road to automatic enrolment and help you to comply with the requirements when you are in automatic enrolment.

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