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Bylaws, the Founding Grant, law, or otherwise.

Internal transfer of expense, from one PTA to another, is not subject to this policy as long as the original approval of the expense was consistent with the policy documented above. What happens in the case of vacations or temporary absences? Provide as much detail as possible. Chancellor and chief financial officer. Local Park and Recreation Grant Program and Nonprofit Grant Program. Applicability of the Policy This Policy applies to University administrators, faculty, staff and students, and to agents of the University. The broad authority granted by the Board of Trustees has been refined through more specific delegations of authority from the President as set forth in this policy, by other policy pronouncements, and by other specific Articles of the Institute Bylaws. The contract does not conflict with legislative or regulatory requirements, or with Policies, collective agreements or other legal obligations of the University, such as prior assignment of intellectual property rights. Contracts involving the following subjects must be reviewed and approved as to legal form by the office of general counsel. Each Department Director will designate an individual or individuals to execute contracts, amendments, and change orders for the department. An individual may delegate only the approval authority already granted to him; delegations can be made only to Institute employees.

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Allocation of Responsibilities for Miscellaneous Research Agreements.

Authority to sign Cooperative Agreements, Affiliation Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding; and other academic agreements for all departments that are direct reports to the Provost. Employees who sign a Contract purporting to bind the University without authority properly delegated as described in this Policy may be personally liable under the Contract and may be subject to University disciplinary action. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A DELEGATION OF SIGNATORY AUTHORITY? Implement Contract Management Software. Compliance with Funding Agency Requirements. WHO ARE THE TYPICAL PRESIDENTIAL DELEGATES AT VCU? Authority have signature authority delegated. Community Development Grants Policyor modify the project purpose approved by the BCC. Senior Associate Vice President and Controller, on a casecase basis, when the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer is unavailable. Merged pool and authority delegated authority to fiscal terms and work? Vice presidentand chief of signature authority and outweigh the contract for the forefront of the establishment of visitors and responsibility goes back to sign documents of trustees delegates to the positions. Documents signed by anyone other than those employees who have a delegation of authority on file with the Office of Legal Counsel may be declared null and void unless formally ratified by the President. Strategic Plan on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence and all initiatives sponsored by VCU to foster diversity. Dean and the VP for Advancement will be responsible for executing documents in the majority of situations. The Secretary of Board shall maintain an official record of such delegation. The same Delegate or designate may not provide both signatures on a contract. This Policy designates the positions within the University structure which carry the authority to approve and sign contracts on behalf of the University.

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University or a subunit is formally a party, that have been reviewed and approved in accordance with this policy, and that have been executed by University officials who have specific contract signature authority. The Board of Regents must be informed of all major contract proposals in advance of execution, even if authority to enter into the contract has been delegated as described in these procedures. Unless otherwise allowed by the President or the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Finance and Administration, all documents must be signed by hand. For purposes of this topic, a contract is an agreement between GIT and another individual person or corporate entity, whether or not it is titled a contract. There must be a separation of duties between the approval of expenditures and the reconciliation of departmental financial accounts. Giving written notification to the employee, describing the specific grant or document and the extent of the signature authority and responsibility. After the official successfully completes contracts training, the Vice President for Finance and Administration submits a recommendation to the President.

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Other than as provided above, Officers have the authority and responsibility to negotiate and enter into Contracts and other arrangements to facilitate the strategic plan and goals of the University, its programs and activities. Who Can Sign Business Contracts Office UTSA University. Provost Vice President for Administration and Finance Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship Vice President for Student Affairs University Legal Counsel IV. Individuals executing agreements on behalf of the university must ensure that the terms of the agreement do not exceed the employee's written delegated. Provost, pursuant to the authority given to him by resolution of the University Trustees, specifying the particular types of documents that they may sign. The following letter of delegation, from Acting President Satish Udpa, authorizes Contract and Grant Administration Managers, Assistant Director, and Director to sign award related documents. Leases that result from negotiation reviewed and approved by those authorized in Athletics to do so. Travel authorizations are approvals given to employees to travel on state business.

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Determine eligibility for all exemptions to procurement policies and procedures, excluding emergency contracts and special procurements; Resolve protests related to a procurement. Contracts related to the acquisition of goods or services. Department of Administration regarding review of contracts. Single Source and Other Propriety Contracts. Campus Programs with the approval of the Controller. There are seven operating units within the Institute. Delegator may not transfer all or substantially all of the powers held by the Delegator. Questions may be referred to the Title IX Coordinator, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, or to the Office for Civil Rights. Standard Form Agreement is one that has been approved as to legal form and sufficiency by the Office of General Counsel. There is no real or potential conflict of interest or there has been adequate disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest. Official documents includecontracts and purchase orders, or other items that are external to the System. Subdelegates may include the Associate Dean of the Faculty or the Associate Dean of the College. Treasurer and University Counsel where the transactions are repetitive and the text of the agreement is highly standardized. Ensure that the contract complies with all University, and, as appropriate, Medical Center policies and procedures.

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Misconduct occurring on or off campus, Sexual assault or sexual harassment or, a behavior of concern you would like to bring to the attention of the Office of the Dean of Students. Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. Contract Signature Authority Delegation Office of General. Board of Trustees shall be required. Office on a form provided by that office. All um office personnel are delegated authority? Examples of professional services providers include architects, designers, and engineers. COO is responsible for the delegation of additional signatory authority. The requested delegation will coordinate with delegated signature authority for maintaining active and diligently in furtherance of real property policies and related? Only authorized signatories named by the Board of Visitors, or to whom signatory authority has been delegated in writing by authorized officers, can legally bind the University in a contract. System provides an electronic mechanism for departments to submit a requisition for a purchase to the Procurement Services Department, which issues a purchase order. General counsel review is documented by a review form or by signature on the delegation request itself. This Policy applies to all contracts, procurements and other agreements, which may or will result in a contractual relationship between UMGC and another party. Reservation Agreements Director of Parks To execute Reservation Agreements for the rental of CSU Extension facilities. This university policy supersedes all previous university policies and communications concerning contract and signatory authority.

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